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Research & Development

BEAT DROP GmbH can draw on more than 20 years of experience in the automotive, aerospace and medical technology sectors. We support your company in a successful and future-oriented R&D management and advise you in the following processes:

  • Research & Development

  • Product development

  • Manufactur

The core processes of R&D, product development and manufacturing ensure the fulfillment or implementation of customer, market and regulatory requirements. They form part of the company's value creation and bundle the primary activities that are essential for the company's success.

In this context, the R&D process ensures all the regulatory processes required in the context of medical device development, from planning to release, including risk management.

The product development and manufacturing processes, on the other hand, ensure all procedures required for production planning, manufacturing, testing and release of medical devices. The parameters of quality, deadlines, economic efficiency, environmental requirements and occupational safety are taken into account.

We support you in implementing the above-mentioned processes as part of your development projects. We offer you support in planning, organizing and designing your R&D processes and our comprehensive expertise in these areas.

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