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After developing a suitable strategy for your company and after a thorough analysis & evaluation of existing structures and processes, BEAT DROP GmbH supports you in defining suitable measures.

Source for the definition of measures can be among others:

  • Complaints

  • Customer surveys

  • Meeting minutes

  • Quality targets

  • Corporate policy / corporate philosophy

  • Management reviews

  • Risk assessments

  • Failure analyses

  • Audit findings

After a comprehensive analysis of the sources provided to us, we define the necessary measures together with you. The planned measures should create new behaviors, structures or processes, or bring about significant changes within the company. Both the definition and the subsequent implementation of the measures are implemented within the framework of a measure management as a management process with the milestones planning, prioritization, control, evaluation and anchoring.

The following questions are to be answered together with you:

  • How do we identify useful measures?

  • How can the benefits be recognized and measured in practice?

  • What effect do the measures have in the company?

Finally, measure management includes the following requirements:

  • Identification of useful measures

  • Coordination of the implementation and effectiveness of the measures

  • Follow-up and measurement of the measures

  • Ensuring the long-term effectiveness

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